Do you want to stun attendees with an event unlike any other? Take your current event planning skills to even greater heights, or get even more out of your meetings? Whether you’re a seasoned professional searching for additional qualifications, or are looking to start a career in event planning, you can gain the expertise you need with the Event & Meeting Management Fundamentals Certificate.

A Comprehensive Course on All Aspects of Event Planning

Find out what it takes to create an occasion that will be talked about long into the future

The best event planners have a clear understanding of their event’s objectives, as well as how to reach them in a cost-effective manner. This program covers everything from project management to sustainability and more. Students learn to manage budgets and workflow, as well as all the aspects of event location selection and preparation.

The Event & Meeting Management Fundamentals Certificate covers 18 essential topics, including:

  • Event Architecture
  • Finance & Budgeting
  • Contracts & Negotiations
  • Site Selection & Management
  • Risk Management
  • Food & Beverage
  • Audio Visual
  • Marketing & Technology
  • Service & Staffing
  • And much more!

An Online Course Ideal for Any Schedule

Complete lessons at your own pace during this 10-week course

We know event planners are busy, so we’ve designed a program that can easily be fit into even the most hectic of schedules. Every week, students can access new lesson content by logging onto our private Learning Management System. These lessons, approximately 2 hours in length, are conveniently divided into short 5-10 minute videos and supplemented by quizzes, assignments, and other materials that can be completed at your own pace during the course. Even if you miss a week, we offer a 4-week grace period at the end of the course to let you catch up on material.

Are you interested in further developing your skills in event planning?