Do you want to enrich and build upon your current event planning and production expertise? A strong understanding of A/V and technical production concepts and terminology will help you position yourself as an expert to clients and potential employers.

Planning events involves many different moving parts, especially when coordinating audiovisual components. Whether you want to learn the lingo or brush up on terminology, you can gain the credential you need for better, more efficient event planning by choosing the Technical Meeting and Event Production course.

A Comprehensive Introduction to the A/V Side of Events

Get an inside look at the working components involved in tech production

As any successful event planner knows, every little detail counts, and that includes aspects of audiovisual production. If you aren’t as familiar with tech production as you’d like to be, this course can help you understand what you need, including:

  • A detailed understanding of all audio visual and lighting elements involved in producing meetings and events
  • How to determine which sound and visual inputs are required for most events, and how to address them from a technical standpoint
  • How to properly work with speakers in preparing presentation decks for an event
  • The criteria for selecting the right venue and vendor(s) for your event, from a technical production vantage point
  • And much more!

Earn Digital Certification at Your Convenience

Gain an understanding of the A/V language in just 5 week

Event planners have a busy schedule, so our course is designed to meet your needs. Each week, you can access new lesson content in our private Learning Management System. These lessons take approximately 2 hours to complete and include short 5-10 minute videos supplemented by PDFs and links to external articles. After they’re released, lessons can be viewed at your convenience and completed at your own pace. If you fall behind a week and need to catch up, we offer a 4-week grace period to finish any material that needs attention, and our instructor is available each week to answer your questions and provide feedback.

Are you interested in enriching your events by learning the language of A/V?